Stacy is a programmer, designer, artist and speaker.

She sees developing full-stack web applications as a creative endeavor. Her background in art has given her a unique perspective on solving technical problems. Her language of choice is Python, as it is versatile in building full scale backend solutions and small programs to run on microcontrollers.

Stacy has spoken at PyCon Australia 2017 and PyCon 2018 (in Cleveland, OH) on the subject of code reviews. She again spoke at PyCon Australia in 2018 giving a talk entitled: Lighting Macro Photography with CircuitPython.

My Portfolio



Bob's Burgers Trivia

Web application build with jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Bob's Burgers trivia game.


Psychic Game

Web application build with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Player types letters on the kepboard and tries to guess the random letter the application is "thinking".



Built with Python 3.4, Jinja, Pystache, WebOb. Uses Redis Database. Python link aggregator. Application for gathering links shared into a database.


Bork Game

Web application build with jQuery, HTML, and CSS. Bork is a number game. A randomly generated number is given to the user. They are also given 4 more random values which are hidden but linked to the click values of the dog images. Game includes instructions for the player.


Train Scheduler

Uses jQuery, JavaScript, Firebase, Moment.js, HTML, and CSS. Train schedule application that incorporates Firebase to host arrival and departure data. The app retrieves and manipulates this information with Moment.js. This website provides up-to-date information about various trains, namely their arrival times and how many minutes remain until they arrive at their station.


Bug Friend Finder

Uses Node, Express, JS. Deployed to Heroku. Bug Friend Finder is a compatibility-based "Bug Friend Finder" application. This full-stack site will take in results from your users' surveys, then compare their answers with those from other users. The app will then display the name and picture of the user with the best overall match.


  • Stacy Morse
  • Palm Bay, FL, United States
  • 919-923-7986